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Helping You Meet Increased Demand

The aggregate and cement industries are facing unprecedented demand. As the need for their respective products increase, leaders in our industry have to be innovative and visionary, finding ways to meet the challenges within their respective markets and regions more effectively.

Over the past five years, to meet this increased demand, seven plants have emerged across North America, requiring equipment suppliers and their respective machines to reach production limits that are well above the norm; we call them mega-plants! And, in every case, HAZEMAG has been selected as the partner of choice, offering proven primary crushing solutions backed by 70+ years of application experience.

HPI-2230 in Maryland

The HPI-2230 with its third crushing path forms the heart of this 2,500 ton/hour mega plant operating in the state of Maryland.

The cement industry is known for its high expectation of quality equipment, guaranteed for premium performance. This installation is no exception! Their project team, consisting of engineers, geologists and corporate management were ultimately interested in the best equipment in the world, a clear path toward producing more tonnage than ever before.   

As their selected “partner of choice,” HAZEMAG went to work and delivered a complete primary crushing station that entailed conceptual engineering, final engineering, production and manufacturing of the equipment in Germany, shipping, on-site supervision during the erection and assembly of the equipment, system commissioning and finally proven, guaranteed results. In summary, this cement producer leads the industry with the very latest primary crushing technology – supplied by HAZEMAG!

HPI-2025 in Texas

The HPI-2025 forms the heart of this 2,500 ton/hour mega plant operating in the state of Texas. With a history of proven application success related to a 40+ year old primary impactor, it was time to modernize!

This leading aggregate producer had been in a trusted and proven relationship with HAZEMAG for more than 30 years, so while HAZEMAG wasn’t the only company competing for this project, the choice was clear and HAZEMAG prevailed.

As their selected “partner of choice,” HAZEMAG delivered the very latest control and operational technology realized within our apron feeder, roller screen and primary impactor. This primary crushing station leverages the latest processing technology found within our HAZtronic Control System & GSK rotor design, ensuring the production of aggregates under the most efficient and cost effective manner.

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HPI-2022 in Texas

The HPI-2022 is a 2,000 ton/hour machine installed in a very innovative, state-of-the-art mega plant in the state of Texas. This company and HAZEMAG have a unique relationship dating back 40+ years and with a reference list now exceeding more than 50 HAZEMAG machines operating throughout this company’s North American facilities.

This leading aggregate producer approached this project in a unique, forward thinking manner. With a focus on making the upfront investment to get it right the first time, their project team envisioned a plant designed around the best possible equipment, knowing that the long term benefits in regard to reliability, cost of operation and quality would be second to none.

This plant represents the very latest design, control technology and forward thinking vision in regard to “doing it right.” HAZEMAG supplied the very latest designs and operational technology found within our apron feeder, roller screen, primary impact crusher, secondary impact crusher and tertiary impact crusher.

From its inception, this producer emphasized their desire and goal of selecting proven, reliable partners. We are honored to be one of them!

HPI-2025 in Illinois

The HPI-2025 is the heart of this new, 2,500 ton/hour primary crushing system operating in the state of Illinois. As a family-owned business, the impact of any setback can be felt immediately without the benefit of shareholders being there to absorb the burden, so it’s even more critical than ever to get it right in regard to the equipment selection, quality and ultimately their selected project partners.

This producer had been fully committed to replacing their outdated primary crushing station prior to 2008, but in the wake of an economic recession, the project was shelved. Fast-forward to 2019, and the time had once again arrived. The project was dusted off, approved and the decision was made to proceed.

As their selected partner of choice, based on years of friendship, support and trust, HAZEMAG delivered the very latest design and operational/control technology found within our apron feeder, roller screen and primary impactor. Today, the bond and trust between this family-owned producer and HAZEMAG remains very strong – we call it partnership unlimited!

HPI-2030 in Texas

This plant redefines the term “mega plant.” At the heart of this new 3,500 ton/hour primary crushing system will be one of the largest Andreas impactors operating in North America. As their “partner of choice,” HAZEMAG delivered the very latest design and control technology found within our apron feeder, roller screen and the model HPI-2030 primary impactor capable of processing massive blocks or limestone at a capacity of 2,500 ton/hour.

Customer relationship and premium service are of the highest priority for HAZEMAG. Challenges and setbacks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have made this a challenging process.

Throughout the process HAZEMAG has stayed committed to transparency and communication as we all navigate these obstacles. We remain highly communicative and focused on seeing this project through to completion.

HPI-2230 in Texas

As they say, everything is big in Texas. The last 5 years has produced “mega plants,” systems that redefine production rates. This new primary crushing station sets a new standard in this regard with its 4,500 ton/hour processing of ROM limestone.

As their selected partner of choice, HAZEMAG will deliver the largest Andreas Impactor operating in North America, model HPI-2230. This relationship started over 40 years ago when HAZEMAG delivered a model APP-1822 primary impactor. Now the time had come to modernize and implement a machine design that would fulfill a production demand that few have realized. Upon completion, this 4,500 ton/hour primary crushing system and the HPI-2230 primary impactor will set a new benchmark in regard to aggregate production.

HAF 25142 & HCS 1025 in Florida

The HAF 25142 and HCS 1025 will be the heart of this new primary crushing system operating within the state of Florida. At a design capacity of 2000 ton/hour, HAZEMAG was selected as their “partner of choice” to supply the very latest design and control technology found within our “HAF” apron feeders and “HCS” primary sizers. As a leading aggregate and cement producer around the world, this Florida plant expansion was vital toward ensuring the continuous production and delivery of a high quality product at the primary stage of processing. Trust, proven success and history played a key role in the selection of Hazemag as their partner; a relationship and partnership now exceeding 40 years.

From its inception and design concept, this producer focused on key partners that could deliver proven, reliable solutions. After an extensive review of industry groups, equipment technology & options, Hazemag is proud to say; “we are honored to be their selected partner of choice.”

HAZEMAG: The Premium Trusted Partner

The cement and aggregate industries are transitioning. Fueled by higher production demands, a need for “state of the art” technologies and the demand for proven, reliable partners, these groups are focused on taking their respective facilities to the next level, leveraging modern technology alongside industry leading equipment, outstanding quality and proven results.  

Backed by over 70 years of history and a reference list exceeding 75,000 HAZEMAG machines operating around the world, HAZEMAG has been the trusted partner of choice for our range of products, customer focus and commitment to delivering our services in an ethical and honest manner that continues to lead the industry. 

We’re honored and humbled to be the trusted partner for each of these “mega plants.” Each of these companies represents the very best our industry has to offer, developing new and better facilities to meet the growing demand for aggregates and cement. In summary, it is not about what we make, but rather, it is about what we help make possible!

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