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APSE | Primary Impactor

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Product Description

APSE Primary Impactor
APSE Primary Impactor

HAZEMAG APSE Primary Impact Crusher is ideally suited for crushing medium-hard rock down to a well graded product size of 0 – 6 inch (75% passing 3 inch) in a single pass. This machine is normally offered within a plant / system where secondary crushing is also present. However, due to its high reduction ratio, the need for multiple secondary units is normally eliminated. 

For the recycling of concrete and asphalt, the APSE Series Primary Impact Crusher is an ideal choice to process recycled materials down to a product size of 0 – 4 inch (80% passing 2 inch) in a single pass. The design of the plant, utilizing a single APSE Impact Crusher, has proven to be an excellent processing solution for recycling / demolition companies throughout North America. 

Housing System
Housing System

The primary crusher housing is a rugged, fabricated steel plate construction, with external bracing (ribbing) for increased strength. Depending on the processing requirement, the housing system (APSE-1615/1620/1622) can be further strengthened from the normal ¾ inch thick sidewalls up to 1½ inch thick sidewalls. For quick and easy inspection of the internal wear parts, the housing is fitted with large doors which are secured / opened by a special dove-tail locking mechanism. The housing system is stress relieved to increase its service life and to provide workmanship of the highest quality. The rear housing section opens hydraulically, permitting complete access to the internal wear parts. With emphasis on safety, the weight of the housing (open position) is transferred over center preventing it from closing on its own. 

Liner System
Liner System

With simplicity and function in mind, the housing is fitted with 1¼ inch thick, interchangeable, wear resistant liners that have been designed as a common shape. The liners have an interchangeability level of approximately 95%. A further benefit with this liner design is realized in the form of increased wear metal utilization. A worn liner, for example, can be repositioned from a high wear zone (within the rotor circle), to a low wear zone (outside the rotor circle), thus extending its service life. The standardized design of the housing liner system helps to further reduce the impactor cost of operation. 

1¼ inch thick 
Wear Liner
Apron System
Monoblock Apron

The front apron (primary impact zone) is designed and cast as a massive, single piece, reversible manganese component. Due to its massive weight and high impact / wearing zone, the design of the monoblock apron helps to provide a level of improved benefits such as: reduced stress to the housing system, increased service life, increased control over the product size, reduced downtime / maintenance and reduced operating costs. Depending on the application and characteristics of the raw feed material, such as concrete with steel, the design of the monoblock apron (without bolt-on liners that can fail) is a notable benefit. 

Rear Apron

The rear apron (secondary impact zone) is a heavy-duty fabricated component equipped with 3½ inch thick, replaceable bolt-on impact plates of high quality, wear resistant material. The impact wear liners (rear apron & rear wall) have been standardized to a common shape yielding extended service life and reduced spare parts stocking. This standardized design of the apron liner system helps to further reduce the impactor cost of operation. 

Q Rotor (Standard)

The success of the HAZEMAG Q Rotor can be found through-out the North American Aggregate Industry. It’s very heavy duty construction, combined with its smart and fully functional design, has resulted in a primary rotor system that delivers positive and beneficial results on every level. Its blowbars, offering a utilization factor of 50%, are secured into place by means of a massive backing bar and single piece wedge. The Q Rotor is an excellent choice for the processing of typical limestones not exceeding 40 inch in size. 

HAZtronic System

Available on all APSE primary impactor models. The computer controlled, fully automated hydraulic apron positioning system puts you in control, helping you produce the products you sell the most! 

HAZtronic system

The exclusive and unique computer-controlled hydraulic adjustment system for the impact aprons (and third crushing path) allows for quick gap adjustments, optimum control over the product size, smoother crusher operation, tramp iron protection, reduced downtime and reduced operating costs. In our technically advanced HAZtronic system, the impactor performance can be optimized with recipes or pre-programmed apron settings, which further enhance the quality and consistency of the product. The HAZtronic system also allows you to optimize the correct apron settings with the varying material characteristics within the quarry. When fitted with either system, the impactor achieves a level of performance and economical operation that remains second to none. You are in control – producing the products you sell the most!


With simplicity and function in mind, optimizing the performance of the HPI impact crusher is enhanced by a touch screen control panel. Opening the impactor housing and adjusting the impact aprons is performed at the touch of a button. This system also monitors and visually displays the apron positions, bearing temperatures, hydraulic fluid temperatures and hydraulic fluid levels.

Technical Data

Main Components


Model Capactiy
Power Requirements
HP (kw)
Inlet Size
In (mm)
(H x W)
Feed Size
In (mm)
Rotor Size
In (mm)
Lb (Kg)
APSE-1010  100
26 x 40
(660 x 1020)
16 (400)  40 x 40 (1020 x 1020)  23,600
APSE-1013  150
26 x 54
(660 x 1360)
20 (500)  40 x 53
(1020 x 1340)
APSE-1310  125
34 x 40
(865 x 1020)
20 (500)  53 x 40
(1340 x 1020)
APSE-1313  250
34 x 54
(865 x 1360)
24 (600)  53 x 53
(1340 x 1340)
APSE-1315  300
34 x 60
(865 x 1520)
24 (600)  53 x 59
(1340 x 1500)
APSE-1320  400
34 x 80
(865 x 2030)
24 (600)  53 x 79
(1340 x 2010)
APSE-1515  400
37 x 60
(950 x 1520)
28 (700)  59 x 59
(1500 x 1500)
APSE-1615  450
35 x 60
(890 x 1520)
32 (812)  64 x 59
(1610 x 1500)
APSE-1620  500
35 x 80
(890 x 2030)
32 (812)  64 x 59
(1600 x 1500)
68,500 (31,140) 
APSE-1622  600
35 x 90
(890 x 2270)
36 (915)  60 x 89
(1600 x 2250)
75,700 (34,410)