Horizontal Impact Crusher: HHI

The Horizontal Impact Crusher type HHI basically consists of two machine components: the crushing roll and the chain conveyor. The arrangement of the crushing roll above the horizontal chain conveyor permits the chain conveyor to be applied both as feed conveyor and as discharge conveyor. This system for crushing has proved successfully in innumerous applications in coal as well as in ore mining, above and underground, in natural stone and in recycling concrete and construction rubble.

This mode of operation of conveying the material to be crushed via the at-grade chain conveyor to a rotating impact roll, crushing and discharging it again is particularly suited for ambitious crushing operations.

Crushing in the horizontal material flow without any directional change is the basic principle of the HAZEMAG HHI and results in an extraordinary compact design with very high throughput rates. The impact roll crusher is fitted with a modern control, which monitors the input power on the crushing roll as well as on the chain conveyor. This control automatically protects the plant from obstructions and in case of an overload, thus permitting a fully automatic operation of the plant. By means of a height adjustment and speed variation of the crushing roll as well as by changing the chain conveyor’s speed the final product may be influenced.

Horizontal Impact Crusher

The HAZEMAG HHI Series is a modular system aiming at fulfilling every task in the bulk goods industry. The machine’s equipment with the focus on its options may be modularly adapted to the respective requirements and wishes of the operators.


  • Solution for the processing of medium strength materials
  • Complete primary crushing station in a compact, highly mobile design
  • Well suited for sticky, high moisture materials
  • Adjustable impact elements (hammers) and exchangeable wear parts
  • Integrated crushing roll (rotor) and extra heavy duty chain conveyor
General Table – HHI

General Examples / Guidelines
Limestone, Coal, Gypsum
Up to 3000 t/h
Feed Size
Up to 70 inch (x any length)
Product Gradation
Nominal 10 – 12 inch

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