Material Testing

At HAZEMAG, we are committed to providing a level of partnership and customer service that is second to none. This is your test center; a place to help create a solid foundation of valuable information for equipment consideration, selection and future investment. We offer a comprehensive test plan, tailored specifically to your process goals and project needs. Important raw material characteristics will be established through a series of tests which include crushing, screening, material analysis and observation.

Material Testing

Our test program includes:

  • Sampling of the raw feed to establish the input gradation.
  • Raw feed moisture level testing.
  • A test plan (crushing tests) specific to your project goals.
  • Sampling of each test to establish the output gradation.
  • Chemical testing to establish the Silica and Magnesium Oxide levels.
  • Los Angeles (L.A.) testing to establish the hardness of the material.
  • Product analysis to establish crushing (breaking) patterns.
  • Documenting the results.
  • A detailed, information report and test conclusion.


Material Testing

The HAZEMAG test facility helps to provide comprehensive answers to vital project investment questions. It’s all about you – the HAZEMAG customer!
Material Testing

Test Sample: What Is Needed?

Feed materials (samples) for crushing tests must be provided by the customer. For the normal test program, two (2) to four (4) 55-gallon drums of applicable material will be required. As the project may warrant, HAZEMAG is prepared to accept larger samples for a more extensive test program. Please contact HAZEMAG to discuss the amount of test material that is needed for your specific project needs.

The test sample should be identified with the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Person
  • Phone Number
  • Test Material (Example: Limestone)
  • Identification (Example: Hard Limestone)

Test Plant Location / Shipping Information

The HAZEMAG test plant is located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania; just a short 45 minute drive from the more recognized city of Pittsburgh. Customer samples should be shipped, freight pre-paid, to the following address:


109 Development Drive
Mt. Braddock, PA 15465
Attn: Testing Department

Material Testing
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