Pendulum Flap Gates: HPV

HAZEMAG Pendulum Flap Gates: HPV

HAZEMAG Rotary Gate Valve: HGV

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For your requirements, you also can take advantage of HAZEMAG’s 75 years’ experience in supplying hundreds of gate valves worldwide. Each application is carefully considered on its merits to decide which type and design of valve would be most suitable.

The purpose of these valves is to transfer flowing material from one process stage to another. Depending on the particular requirement, they can be used as feed or discharge valves, or as air locks to seal off a part of the process.

HAZEMAG gate valves are characterized by high reliability, extreme robustness and easy maintenance. Moreover, we place great emphasis on quality, a feature of our gate valves highly valued by all our customers.

Rand of Application

Feed discharge valves for processing equipment such as dryers, kilns, electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, cyclones, classifiers, hammer mills, ball mills, vertical roller mills, etc.
Capacity range

Pendulum flap gates: up to approx. 550 m3/h according to model
Rotary gate valves: up to approx. 550 m3/h according to model

Material Characteristics

granular, fine, coarse, lumpy, etc.

HAZEMAG Gate Valves

Some examples of materials handled:
Activated Charcoal, Aluminum Hydroxide, Aluminum Grits, Aluminium Hydrate, Anhydrite, Anode Scrap, Ash, Bentonite, Blast Furnace Slag, Calcium Chloride, Cement, Chalk, Chemical Gypsum, Chrome Hydroxide Filter Cake, Chrome Ore, Clay, Clinker, Coal, Coke, Copper Cement, Copper Concentrate, Dolomite, Electrode Coke, Feldspar, Filter Cake, Flue Gas Gypsum, Fluorite, Graphite, Green Coke, Gypsum, Iron Ore, Kaolin, Limestone, Magnesite, Marl, Petroleum Coke, Phosphate Rock, Pozzuolana, Raw Meal, Raw Meal Grits, Slag Sand, Splint Coal, Trass, Titanium Dioxide.

Maximum Material Feed Size

Pendulum flap gates: up to approx. 500 mm according to model
Rotary gate valves: up to approx. 80 mm according to model
Rotary gate valves with retracting shield: up to approx. 300 mm according to model

Special Designs Available

For high temperatures, special fabricating materials, central lubrication, with measures to prevent material al caking and to reduce wear, etc.

Gate Freatures (Method of actuation)

  • Double pendulum flap gates


  • geared motor for opening spring for closing


  • hydraulic cylinder for opening and closing

Triple Pendulum (Double-chamber) Flap Gates

  • hydraulic cylinder for opening and closing

Rotary Gate Valves

  • mechanical geard motor

Process Pressure

  • as a rule, negative pressure


  • Feed and discharge devices for processes operating at just under negative pressure, such as dryers,
    filters, classifiers, hammer mills, etc.
  • Mode of operation approx. 15-25 cycles/minute – near continuous cycles
  • Various modes of operation / installation
  • Double pendulum flap gate in mechanical or hydraulic movement
  • Triple pendulum flap gate in hydraulic movement
General Table – HPV HGV


General Examples / Guidelines
Fly Ash, Anode Residue, Coke, Graphite, Blast Furnace Slag, Puzzolana, Chalk, Trass, Anhydrite, Clay, Filter Dust, Dolomite, Marl, Cement, Gypsum, etc.
Application Specific


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