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Energy Efficient, Continuous Flow Crushing

For the industrial beneficiation of primary and secondary raw materials, crushing procedures for the production of certain grain sizes, forms, surfaces or for the outcrop of multi – component materials play a central role.

The utilised crusher must meet stringent requirements of today‘s time when processing rocks, ores and coals. Materials to be crushed become more and more difficult in terms of handling, high throughput capacities are required and the energy input is a key focus. Furthermore, crushing plants have changed to compact solutions due to investment cost. Consequently, crushers with low space requirements are having advantages, even for fully – mobile systems. Therefore the application of energy – efficient roll sizers with high throughput rates becomes more and more important from the economic and ecologic point of view.
Side Sizers

The HAZEMAG Sizer meets these requirements and is characterized by the following points:

  • low specific energy demand
  • high to very high throughput rate
  • intelligent design
  • simple maintenance
  • high variety of crushing tools
  • cubicle product with minimal fines
  • trouble – free operation with very sticky and moist materials
  • applicable for adhesive feed material

The operating principle is based on a continuous generation of pressure between two counter – rotating rolls, so that crushing takes place without interruptions in contrast to the intermittent jaw crushers. Due to the small number of high teeth big lumps can immerse deep between the rolls and are crushed immediately. The force acting on material is punctual and even not plane as it is typical for jaw crushers. The result is a minimization of fine generation.

The direct drive consists of electric motor, fluid coupling and gear. The fluid coupling provides excellent protection against blows and impacts in heavy – duty use and therefore serves as overload protection. If a non – breakable tramp metal enters the machine, the fluid coupling will disconnect the drive from the crushing rolls.

Housing and drive bracket of the HAZEMAG Sizer are very sturdy and thus suitable for heavy – duty applications. They are fitted with easy to exchange wear parts. The modular design of the housing – system allows matching specific customer requirements. For example, a track lifting device for moving the crusher from the working position into maintenance position is available.

The crushing rolls for primary and secondary crushers consist of rolls with crushing rings which are fitted with exchangeable crushing caps. The crushing rolls for secondary and tertiary crushers are respectively made up of shafts being equipped with exchangeable crushing segments. As a result of the specific geometry between roll body and crushing segments an optimum tight fit is achieved, thus being able to stand up to the high crushing forces. Depending on the respective task definition, the shape of teeth and their number are selected.


  • For the processing of soft to medium-hard raw materials
  • Excellent solution when the raw material contains cohesive materials (clay) with a high moisture content
  • Reduction of the feed material is generally achieved by a combination of compression and shearing, induced by two inward rotating crushing rolls operating at low speeds
  • High capacity in a relatively small machine
  • Easy installation due to minimal height
Side Sizers
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General Examples / Guidelines
Limestone, Gypsum, Chalk, Marl, Clays, Shale, Salt, Potash
Up to 5000 t/h
Feed Size
Up to 60 inch
Product Gradation
0 – 16 inch / Primary

0 – 2 inch / Secondary

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