Support Unlimited

Customer Sales Support

Customer Sales Support

We are proud of our dedicated staff who take pride in providing a level of after the sale support and service that is second to none. They are here to assist you with machine optimization, training, inspections and repair. 

Spare Parts Support

Spare Parts Support

Our knowledgeable staff are here to serve your needs, backed by a multi-million dollar spare parts inventory. They are here to help you achieve the optimum level of machine performance and economical operation with the right part and the latest technology, in stock and shipped on time. 

Engineering Support

Engineering Support

We are here to serve your needs with engineering support, design guidance, project planning and management. Our dedication to impactor design excellence is backed by leading-edge computer design technology and proven by thousands (+75) of successful HAZEMAG crusher installations.

Customer Service

Customer Service

It goes without saying that even the best equipment will require service. One call to HAZEMAG takes care of your operational and maintenance concerns. Our team of service professionals is trained to care for all aspects of field or in-house service needs. We’ll work around the clock to help you maintain production schedules. 

Customer Sales Support

Support Service Starts Before the Sale

The Application Department at HAZEMAG will guide you to the right choice of crusher to fit your production needs. It is just as important to know if the machine will physically “fit” into your structure. That’s where our Service Department takes over. HAZEMAG will travel to your site to obtain the required measurements on your existing structure including the inlet hood and discharge chute arrangements. Our Engineering Department will use this information to confirm that the HAZEMAG impactor will fit correctly into place. We will provide you with a detailed general arrangement drawing illustrating the installation of the HAZEMAG impactor on your existing structure. This drawing will also provide information on the proper design and arrangement of the inlet hood and discharge chute.

HAZEMAG offers on-site supervision of the assembly and installation of your crusher as well as the installation of inlet hoods and discharge boxes. Our technicians can properly install and align standard v-belt drives or jack-shaft / fluid coupling arrangements to provide years of trouble free service.

Work Smarter

When you buy any new HAZEMAG component, one of our service technicians will travel to your location to conduct a training seminar with your crew. Whether in a classroom environment or at the machine in a hands-on atmosphere, we will make certain that your crew knows what is necessary to ensure peak performance and service life from your HAZEMAG unit. We would be glad to provide follow-up training as you may need it. Just ask!

Optimize Your Product

Sometimes making the product that you need may be easier said than done. HAZEMAG can travel to your site and work with your personnel toward optimizing the crusher throughput and output gradation. If you are trying to increase your machine capacity, improve your product gradation or increase your wear component life, contact the HAZEMAG Service Department.

Spare Parts Support

HAZEMAG Parts – The Clear Choice

Life is full of choices. Selecting the HAZEMAG impactor was a choice based on a review of benefits, value and support. Purchasing the correct replacement part is another important choice that will ensure a continued, successful installation. Our spare parts department will supply you with parts designed and chosen to work specifically with your HAZEMAG impactor. Choosing genuine HAZEMAG parts is the clear choice for success.

It’s the same in business. You weigh benefits and buy the product that maximizes your profits. We like to think that is why you bought a HAZEMAG impactor. Our impactors have been the clear choice around the world for over 50 years.

There will come a time when even our impactors will need parts and service. Your decision where to get these is important. Weighing the benefits of superior materials and manufacturing leads you to HAZEMAG Parts and Service, another clear choice.

HAZEMAG Parts – Quality and Service

At HAZEMAG we understand that time is money. It’s why we build quality into every machine we manufacture. There is also no better way to ensure efficient operation than with genuine HAZEMAG Parts and Service.

With a multi-million dollar spare parts inventory, we are well suited to support your production demands with the right part, in stock and shipped on time. Blowbars, impact plates, housing liners, rotor shoes, hardware and bearings: HAZEMAG spare parts support is there for you. Our goal is to keep your HAZEMAG impactor, regardless of its age, operating at peak performance, running time and efficiency. Just give us a call at: 800-441-9144

Our parts are designed by HAZEMAG and are made specifically for HAZEMAG impactors. There is no need to worry about parts that “almost fit”. Get peace of mind with genuine HAZEMAG parts, the clear choice.

HAZEMAG Parts-Service Second to None
  • Knowledgeable and courteous sales staff with over 25 years of industry experience.
  • Most orders are processed and shipped the same day!
  • Shipping options to provide the quickest and most economical deliveries.
  • We never charge handling and service charges. We only bill actual freight cost!
  • Quotes are typically done in 24 hours. Fax, phone and/or email we’ll get it to you fast.
  • We have the right bar for every application. Seven alloys to choose from including cutting edge ceramic technology.
  • All hardware in stock, no need to search for bolts, nuts or washers.
  • Rotor repairs are done on premise. We will inspect your rotor and provide a complete report and quotation prior to performing any service.
  • Rotors repaired to “like new” condition.
  • On-site visits to discuss and review your spare parts needs.
HAZEMAG and Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance assistance program is designed to save you time and money. Call us for an on-site visit to review, inspect and discuss potential maintenance and operational concerns. Most visits are offered at no cost to you! Working together we often head off more expensive repairs or breakdowns. Quite often small, simple recommendations can make a big difference. Preventive maintenance with genuine HAZEMAG parts is the clear choice to maximize your up time and profits!

Engineering Support

Why is HAZEMAG Engineering important to you?

The Engineering department at HAZEMAG will provide you with design and installation guidance, system interface support, start-up support and technical assistance to your specific needs. We are dedicated to impactor design and performance excellence that is backed by superior 2D and 3D computer design technology.We have continued to sharpen the application of our engineering skills with more than 75,000 crusher installations.

HAZEMAG has a rich history of engineering excellence. Often copied, the HAZEMAG design has been the leading impactor technology for over 50 years. We invented the Andreas impactor, and we will continue to lead the industry with beneficial impactor design excellence.

Though based on our over 75,000 impactor installations, today’s HAZEMAG impactor is different than its predecessors. With our continuing efforts to lead the industry, we have developed innovations such as our revolutionary / industry exclusive HAZtronic computer control system, superior crusher housing systems, efficient / highly interchangeable wear liner systems and new / beneficial apron designs. We based these innovations on you – the HAZEMAG customer. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and satisfying their needs through continued, innovative, technological development.

Engineering – more than Equipment Design

Engineering doesn’t stop with equipment design. Every installation requires our staff to satisfy the unique requirements of each customer. The guiding hand of the HAZEMAG engineering group is present at every stage of planning, purchase and installation.

Using the experience of the HAZEMAG engineering group throughout a project will ensure a smooth development resulting in overall project cost savings. Equipment selection is streamlined and installation is thoroughly planned. The support of our engineering group is a vital part of the value that our customers receive when they purchase a HAZEMAG product.